"Be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow."
Woollen coat, Primark
Floral dress, Primark
Red cardigan, Primark
Hat and gloves, Primark
Woah...I wear a lot of Primark...

Long time no write, eh? It's been almost one month since I have even looked at Faraway Skies. When the heck did life get so damn busy? Is this a part of growing up? Being to busy to do anything remotely pleasurable? I promise you, my untimely break has had nothing to do with anything remotely glamorous. Blame school work and crappy weather for that one. But I'm back! I persevered through the dreaded mock exams and revision days and piles and piles of Pythagoras Theorem (still don't understand a word of it) and have emerged a new, older and less yellowed hair girl. Though still one that sucks ass at maths...

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  1. Looking so comfy and cosy ♥ And i love the glove ♥

  2. gosh, your look so cozy and warm! this outfit is perfect for cool days in the woods.

    lindsey louise

  3. Oh How cute photos!!! :) ❤️❤️

  4. Lovely photos! You are like angel! :)
    p.s. Honey, there is problem with your GFC, I tried to follow you several times, but I couldn't...


  5. I find your post very interesting) Your style is impeccable!

    Read my post about Christmas diy ==> CHRISTMAS DIY

  6. you look very lovely and I really love your hair style :)

  7. Beautiful pics!

  8. These are beautiful. I love the hat and scarf. What kind of camera do you use? These are so clear and beeeaaauuuutiful

    1. Thank you so much! Urmmm...a Cannon eos 60? I think anyway!xo


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