Feeling Dotty

It's been a good week. The sun is shining, my leg is getting better and I only have 13 days left in school! You would not believe the excitement I felt when I realised I only have one year left in hell!
Haha, so yeah. Shining sun and all has given me the excuse to break out the boyfriend shorts and cute dotty tops. I stole this one from my mum's wardrobe...sorry mum but your not getting it back! To accessorise, I added my amazingly beautiful Tiklyz body stickers which, strangely enough, sort of remind me of the Shadowhunter marks from The Mortal Instruments series!
Tiklyz are an American company that specialise in beautiful Bindi inspired body tattoos. Their aim is to produce a product aimed at teenagers that is both "bold, fun and sexy" and stands out from the crowd. At the minute, Tiklyz produces two lines; the Splash and Bling collections. I can vouch for the Bling line; these fun, reusable body stickers really add that special wow factor to any outfit!

Dotty top, mum's wardrobe || Boyfriend shorts, Ebay || Brown belt, Primark || Body stickers, Tiklyz || Charm bracelet, vintage

*Tiklyz only ships their amazing product across the USA so this blog post is aimed at my American readers only.

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  1. OH MY GOSH. I was going to comment on how they remind me of runes if you've read the series until I noticed that you wrote exactly that. Yay another TMI fan. ARE YOU EXCITED FOR THE END OF THE YEAR OR WHAT??? ♥

    1. OH MY GOD YOUR ALREADY MY BEST FRIEND! It comes out in 21 days, I'm literally counting!xo


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