Seeing Red


Phew! My operation went okay! My leg is all bandaged up and I'm able to walk (ish) on it now after five days without too much pain! I have to go back on Tuesday for a check up and to change the dressing but so far so good. A massive thank you to my friends and family for the sweet messages and support, you guys are awesome!
This dress is pretty darn perfect for the almost perfect weather Wales has gotten lately (thank you Mother Nature for making the weather nice when I CAN'T BLOODY DO ANYTHING). I paired it with this adorable straw bag from Primark, it's so, so cute and has a great festival vibe! I adore the cut out detail on the back of the dress; I don't normally go for something so bright but I looked at it and thought "eh, why not?" Bright colours mean bright moods after all!
Well, I hope you guys have a great week enjoying the sun. Jealous, moi? No...I'll just sit inside eating my milk tray(s), watching sad movies and get nostalgic about the last time I shaved my right leg. Good times....good times.

Red cotton dress, ASOS || Brown cut out shoes, Primark || Straw flower bag, Primark

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  1. Wow, you look great!!! <3
    Love your dress.

    Kisses, Anni from

  2. you look so cute in this dress ;)

  3. So glad your surgery went accordingly :)
    Bright colours also look darling on you! xo

    1. Thanks so much for your concern and your sweet comment!xo


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