Feeling French

My head hurts, my back hurts, my nose is running like a tap. HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO GET THE FLU IN THIS BLOODY WEATHER? I thought it was only catchable in cold weather but apparently, no. Things Chelsea is not immune to: the seasonal flu virus.
Sorry for all the complaining but I actually feel as though my head may explode informational tefra (see, I have been paying attention in my Geography lessons) at any second. Asides from all that, I went on a real nice bike ride yesterday with Molly and I had a Call The Midwife/Stand By Me moment on whilst pedalling through blossom tree's in the spring sunshine. Ahh...just a few more weeks 'till summer!
Also, I'm thinking of doing a hair tutorial for my hair in this picture? What do you think, anyone interested? If you have any questions, my email is chowchowhotmail@aol.com. I'll get back to you ASAP with any questions! Au revoir!
Mollie's Outfit
Floral Denim Dress, £13.00 Primark || Brown leather-look pumps, £8.00 Primark || Blue Victoria Pendleton Bike, £275.00 Halfords
My Outfit
Stripy midi dress, £15.00 Primark || Brown cut-out loafers, £8.00 Primark || Cream bike with basket £200.00 Go Outdoors

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