Planet Panic

Hello! How are all you today? The universe has been against me today, I swear. I must have done something bad because karma is up my back. 

Things The Universe Has Done To Chelsea Today
  1. I had to take the bus to school.
  2. My hair just would not go right AT ALL.
  3. I found out I have three exams in one day. THREE EXAMS (mental breakdown soon to come).
  4. It rained
  5. ^I did not bring my umbrella.
  6. ^Resulting in the drowned rat look.
  7. My bag broke.
So yeah. I'm am seriously stressing out about these three exams, I mean, who the hell schedule's two English and a geography exam in one day?! MY BRAIN IS GOING TO OVERLOAD WITH INFORMATION ABOUT PYROCLASTIC FLOWS AND HOW TO WRITE FORMAL LETTERS! I'll probably end up writing that a waterfall is formed from metephors and enjombement and Emily Bennett Browning used figurative language in Sonnet 43 because carbon emissions are heating up the atmosphere. Sweet baby Jesus, I'm going to be needing a paper bag soon!

Chelsea Davies here, reporting from planet panic.

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