Having no social life has it's perks

Not much has happened this week...on Saturday, me and my sister found this really cool tree-hut thing in the middle of a forest (credit to whoever built it, it's freaking AMAZING) and then I read Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and then I realised I still have to read the Host by Stephanie Mayer and then my sister brought the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and I really want  to read that to! Such a backlog of books. It's a good job I have no social life...

Chelsea xo

PS: Don't you just love the textures over the pictures? I downloaded them free from here. Check them out! They give your photo a film-camera look that I just adore!

 My big sis, Molly. I love her even though she eats my food. Checked shirt, New Look || Cream jumper, Primark

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  2. Love your blog!

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    P.S. love your instagram as well :))


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