The Somerset Lavender Farm

Within the town of Faulkland resides one of north Somerset's most charming destinations: the Somerset Lavender Farm. 

The drive from Bath takes Mollie and I through villages with names right out of a Sunday morning murder-mystery. It’s thirty minutes of rolling fields dampened by morning dew and grand country homes. Tall hedgerows trim these winding lanes, brambles and long grass stretching out to stroke the sides of the car as Mollie navigates each rattle and bump of the back road.

Arriving in Faulkland itself, I feel as though I have been transported to an era predating the smartphone that I’m itching to grab for Instagram or Snapchat. Ivy drapes on stone cottages like the silk of a lady’s dress, cobbled roads and Georgian architecture doing nothing but add to the period-drama image I’m conjuring. A well-weathered sign declares right for lavender and we follow its painted sprigs into the farm’s car park. 

It’s still early – 10.31 per the dashboard clock. When I exit the car, the scent of morning lingers and it wraps around me like blanket; comforting in its heaviness. Since making the decision to remain in Bath over summer, adventures with my sister have been few and far between. I’ve been cooped up and cut off with work commitments. But right now, it’s as though I never left home. Our gazes meet as we finally tear our eyes from the view that unfolds ahead. Two identical grins and a knowing look that I’ve spent so many months missing. 

The skies are heavy with grey clouds, threatening rain. But below the gloom, a carpet of colour blooms. Stalks of lavender lay in orderly rows that, from a distance, recall images of ocean waves – a sea of vibrant purple with crests of periwinkle and mauve. Each shift of the wind carries with it a heady aroma and fat yellow bees bumble through the crop. The air is alive with the music of trees, of nature. For the first time in weeks, I feel myself relax. And it’s more than the calming properties of lavender that I’m currently inhaling in spades. 

Birds tweet, animals scuttle; I can hear the earth murmur. The sky is grey, yes, but I can feel the warmth of a suppressed sun on my skin as Mollie and I trail through blooming fields. Our fingers skim the tips of the bushes, talk of this and that while we walk with no hurry through the lavender. 

The Somerset Lavender Farm is certainly catered for its aesthetic-seeking visitors. Including two expansive fields of lavender, the farm also boasts a plot of sunflowers, a garden blooming with all manner of flora – trails of blood red roses, beds of golden marigolds – as well as a gift shop and café incorporating the produce it grows in all products.

Hours can be spent here without awareness of any time passing. It’s a slice of peace, a haven of calm and tranquillity. I overhear that early August is when the crop is at its most beautiful; full and bursting before its harvest. An ostentatious show before it hunkers down for winter, I think. I feel somewhat smug of our timing. 

The morning moves to noon and yet I’m content to just watch this sea of lavender sway. But I have work and Mollie has visitors, so we begrudgingly make our way back through narrow trails to the car. I resist the urge to pull out my camera and take yet another shot. Instead, I simply look. The depth of colour, the gentle wavering, the sounds and the fragrance, I hold it in my mind’s eye. Then I fall back into step with Mollie, the shifting lavender almost waving us goodbye.

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  1. This looks amazing, I've always wanted to visit a flower field!


    1. It's definitely worth a visit if ever you're in Somerset!xo


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