Life, And Everything In Between

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"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway."

My last post was entitled "Welcome Back" and had aims of welcoming Faraway Skies back into the world of regular posting after the nine month hiatus I had taken. Sadly, regular posting went out of the window as soon as I realized just how crazy insane managing A levels, part time work and running a blog was. So it has been a total of ten months and thirteen days since I've even glanced at my blogger dashboard but today I decided it was high time I blew the metaphorical dust of my laptop keys and start posting again. 

Can I just say, the ten month and thirteen day break really hasn't felt as long as it's actually been. To me, the fact that I'm entering my final year of college after stressing, crying over and studying for my AS exams is unreal. It seems like only yesterday I was leaving school, getting ready for prom, visiting Paris...It's funny and a little bittersweet how time creeps up on you. 

It's also crazy how much stuff has changed in just one year. If you told me last summer that I would be accepted into a program that could mean going to university in America and a free trip to Boston, I would of referred you to the local psychiatric ward. Even the small things that remain invisible until you look back on how they once were, like how much my hair has grown, my friends, my priorities, all of this has changed so much as I've grown up and matured. 

I guess the point I'm getting at is that time waits for no man and flows whether you're aware or wanting of it or not. The seasons completed a full cycle since I last posted, I aged another year, I added another country to my bucket list of travels, I learnt how to drive and completed yet another round of seemingly endless exams. I guess to sum it up, you could just say that I was living. So, here's to another year of adventures and beautiful, messy life. 

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