As Davies family traits go, wanderlust is about as common as the blue eyes and a penchant for a good Sunday roast. The travel gene certainly didn’t skip over twins, Mollie and Chelsea, who have been infected with the bug since their junior explorer days.  

Mollie - the photographer - and Chelsea – the writer – aim to bring you real life tales of their wanderings. Faraway Skies is the travel diary of this twin duo; just two ordinary girls, with a taste for extraordinary adventures.

Adventuring is not something exclusive to the minority; at least, that’s what Mollie and Chelsea have always thought. Backyard travels, day trips, one-night stopovers, all are equally as exciting as visiting the farthest flung corners of the world. Faraway Skies hopes to appeal not just to the expert backpackers, but to anyone seeking unexpected intrusions of beauty in their lives.

Come join us on our journeys! 

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